Move from Zen Cart to PrestaShop as Fast as a Rocket [Infographic]

Once Zig Ziglar said: “Every choice you make has an end result.” This quote refers to many spheres of our life and considers the changes that we make with the things we choose. Decision among a few options always takes our pains, includes considering pros and cons and unexpected results. The same happens in technology area where thousands of businessmen try to create successful online stores but doubt what platform is suitable for them.

There are e-merchants who opt for Zen Cart and after some time feel disappointed with its management options and possibilities that only complicate everything. So that, many are searching for the alternative to make administration easier and store prosperous. One of the frequently overlooked variants is PrestaShop as a popular and highly recommended e-Commerce solution. Having strong community and wide range of plugins it is ranked as one of the best world’s shopping carts. What benefits can it offer web store owners?

This shopping cart is known as easy to use and having quite intuitive interface. Therefore, even a newbie is able to cope with its management. Day by day huge PrestaShop’s community release new modules to extend the opportunities of the platform. Moreover, a visibility in searching engines is provided with built-in SEO features which give a possibility to get top Google rankings. Also, PrestaShop suggests high security level and a variety of templates that are free and eye-catching.

An infographic below presents you more information about the reasons of such a desire to move from Zen Cart to PrestaShop and introduces a way of effortless migration with Cart2Cart.

Why and How Online Store Owners Migrate from Zen Cart to PrestaShop

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