A Sneak Peak at PrestaShop 1.6 Alpha

Generally speaking, key enhancements of PrestaShop 1.6 are:

  • considerably improved front office template;
  • more responsive back office;
  • an intuitive dashboard.

Let’s take an in-depth look at these improvements, which will give customers maximum positive online shopping experience.

Refreshed a Default Theme

A Sneak Peak at PrestaShop 1.6 Alpha

Now a default theme is more responsive and accessible for mobile devices and tablets. When visitor is going to visit a store from a smartphone or another gadget, template will adapt to a device, making store browsing more comfortable. Moreover, new version goes with a live template edits. It means vendors will be able to edit colors or fonts in a few clicks of a mouse right from the front office.

Redesigned Home Page

Homepage is the most valuable real estate of your website. A lot of web designers and developers spend plenty of time to make it well designed. PrestaShop facilitated their work and provided such improvements:
A Sneak Peak at PrestaShop 1.6 Alpha

  • New eye-catching banners will help to highlight sales, promotions and other marketing campaigns and as a result attract customer’s attention.
  • Store navigation became more effective with a possibility to add unlimited number of categories. Every button location and function serve to aid our merchants’ user experience.
  • Quick view feature provides a possibility to hover over products in order to get a quick understanding of product details.

Improved Product Pages

A Sneak Peak at PrestaShop 1.6 Alpha

Since PrestaShop Team works closely with store owners, layout of product information was optimized in order to increase a conversion rate. Moreover, understanding the importance of product reviews lead to another creative idea. In new 1.6 version product reviews will be integrated in alignment with Google Rich Snippets. It means your products will be shown in search engines with customer reviews. As a result, your site traffic will considerably increase.

New Metrics

A Sneak Peak at PrestaShop 1.6 Alpha

Store statistics are used to give a general view of the situation on the ground. It is really important to analyze statistics in order to evaluate profitability and effectiveness of a store. New PrestaShop version goes with “Net Margin”, which updates profit margin in a real time. Store owners will be able to look through activity overview, traffic, conversion rate and new customer statistics and other important data.

As you can see, shopping cart was fully redefined and revamped. If you would like to benefit from all enhancements, which were listed above, perform accurate and effortless migration to PrestaShop with Cart2Cart. However, we encourage you to wait till the final version will be released to make sure you get all the benefits from PrestaShop 1.6