VirtueMart to PrestaShop. How to Make It Easier? [Infographic]

VirtueMart is a well known Joomla! e-Commerce plugin. Main beneficial sides of this platform are as follow: easy installation and administrative process, flexibility, possibility to set up blog or forum. However, every coin has two sides, as well as, every shopping cart has positive and negative sides. VirtueMart is not a perfect platform and it has it’s own limitations that may force e-merchant to move further.

e-Commerce statistics show that a lot of entrepreneurs decide to migrate from VirtueMart to PrestaShop. But why PrestaShop? It is free open source e-Commerce solution with rich features, a large number of modules and add-ons and helpful support.

How to perform successful migration with minimum efforts? It will take you a few minutes to look through an infographic and find an answer to the question.

Now you know main distinctive feature between VirtueMart and PrestaShop and understand which way of migration is suitable for you personally. So, transfer all your data, and benefit from all PrestaShop’s advantages.