How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store [Video]

PrestaShop is well recognized open source e-Commerce solution. It was officially introduced in 2007, France. Since then it has been growing rapidly and already powers more than 130 000 online stores. Shopping cart is known for its intuitiveness, advanced SEO, marketing tools and high security.

Every e-merchant is struggling for latest shopping cart improvements in order to increase store’s functionality and conquer the market. The question of PrestaShop upgrade became very common as it can bring real competitive edge to your online shop. With every new version, PrestaShop presents a slew of innovations, bug-fixes and security improvements. Thats why it is highly recommended to keep your PrestaShop constantly updated. However, major updates cause serious changes in platform’s core structure. It may result into unpredictable upgrade outcome, possible data loss, additional expenses and other inconveniences.

In order to help you avoid all those difficulties we offer straightforward and effective alternative to ordinary upgrade. Cart2Cart provides an automated PrestaShop to PrestaShop migration. It means you will avoid information loss and save your time as the process is fast and accurate. Moreover, you won’t have to download any software, write or modify codes. Before performing your PrestaShop store upgrade you have to think in advance and do the following things:

  • install desirable PrestaShop version and test it is available online;
  • check access to Store Admin panel and FTP;
  • estimate a price of moving to another PrestaShop version with the help of Migration Estimator.
Now you can migrate to PrestaShop in several easy steps.

For more convenience, you can watch our video tutorial on How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart.

Step 1. Register an Account

Sign in with your Google or Facebook account or register new account.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 2. Set Up Source Cart

Chose your current Prestashop version from drop-down menu. Then enter your shopping cart URL. After that download connection bridge on your computer in order to make data interaction possible. Extract file from zip archive and paste to root directory with the help of FTP client (FileZilla, Total Commander, etc.) In order to simplify bridge setup process watch our video tutorial.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 3. Set Up Target Cart

You have to repeat the same procedure with a target store. Select desirable Prestashop version, paste shop’s URL and install connection bridge.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 4. Entities Selection

On this step you can select entities which you would like to move. Just put a tick near objects that have to be migrated or click Check All box. Moreover, you can expand migration opportunities by choosing additional options. For PrestaShop upgrade it is possible to migrate product and product categories SEO URLs.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 5. Languages Mapping

In a case your site is multilingual you will have a possibility to move languages as well. If your store has only one language, you can skip this step.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 6. Currencies Mapping

If it is needed you will be able to map currencies as well.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 7. Orders Status Mapping

If you’ve selected order migration on Step 4, now you can map their statuses. Proper order matching will help you in future store managing.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 8. Demo Migration

After that you can start Demo migration. It is recommended not to skip this step, as you will be able to evaluate the process of data transferring. It will only a few minutes. After it is completed you can check a list of migrated products, orders and customers. You will also be able to see the result in your store backend and frontend. Your feedback is very important for us that is why Cart2Cart Team would highly appreciate if you evaluate Demo Migration results.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

Step 9. Full Migration

After successful Demo migration you can start the final step - Full Migration. Make sure you have enough money on your account, otherwise you will be asked to charge it with more funds. Check the information you’ve provided and press Start Full Migration button.

How to Upgrade Your PrestaShop Store with Cart2Cart [Video]

During migration, you will be able to track the progress of your data transfer. At this step you can minimize or close a browser window and proceed working on something else. Right after your full migration is over you will receive an email notification.

Step 10. Check Migration Results

After migration is completed all your products, customers and orders will be displayed on target PrestaShop store. We can congratulate you with newly established online shop.

After migration is performed, you should transfer store design. It won’t cause any troubles since most of templates can be easily adopted between different PrestaShop versions. Thanks to Cart2Cart you don’t have to haste as source store will continue to work until you close it on your own. Information that accumulated during that period including new clients and orders will be possible to transfer with Recent Data Migration Service.

Now you know the easiest way to upgrade your PrestaShop. Actually nothing can stop you on the way of using all the beneficial functionality of a new PrestaShop version.