3dcart to Magento Migration Living in a Picture [Infographic]

Lets take a deeper look at Magento shopping cart:

  1. Currently is the most searchable open source e-Commerce solution on a web, that has the biggest developers community.
  2. Also it is free to download and install.
  3. Impressive design options and a possibility to create a unique template from scratch.
  4. Wide range of extensions to meet the needs of every vendor.
  5. Possibility to add unlimited number of products and categories to fit any sized business.

These are the main reasons which encourage store owners to move from 3dcart to Magento. Hereafter is an infographic, that provides a closer look at both platforms and describes the most comfortable way to switch from one shopping cart to another.

In case you feel confident to dive into a source code and explore unlimited opportunities with Magento, go ahead to perform an automated 3dcart to Magento migration. Your desirable open source platform is now closer than you can imagine. If there still are questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.