Data Transfer from BigCommerce to Magento. Why and How-to [Infographic]

Business growth requires solutions that support all the top-notch features. Shopping cart vendors works hard to make their platforms easy to use and customize. However, hosted solutions, like BigCommerce, don’t allow to change their code and in this way limit possibilities. This is the reason, why e-merchants who have enough programming skills or money to hire a developer, choose open-source platforms. Magento is a well-known open-source shopping cart, which provides a lot of tools to tune the store in your own way. Users love this platform because its huge number of feature and wide customization opportunities.

Now over 200 000 stores use Magento shopping cart, and this number is still growing. Find out more interesting facts about two popular shopping carts in the following infographic. Moreover, you have a chance to discover the easiest way how to move data from BigCommerce to Magento.

As you can see BigCommerce and Magento have their own advantages, and both have army of fans. Remember, that the right choice of the shopping cart can make you business profitable or not. So, don’t hesitate and move data from BigCommerce to Magento quickly and securely with Cart2Cart.