How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento [Video]

Hosted shopping carts are excellent solutions for those, who want to start selling online quickly and easily. Such platforms have many features, such as compatible hosting, quick installation process and high level of data security. On the other hand, you don’t have access to the source code so your customization opportunities could be limited. You also need to pay a monthly fee to use the shopping cart. As Volusion is a hosted platform, it meets all pros and cons that were described above.

If you don’t want to pay for your shopping cart and you also have enough programming skills, you may use Magento. This e-Commerce platform gives unlimited space for customisation and as a result business growth. The number of extensions is huge, so you definitely find what you need for your store. This shopping cart has many marketing and SEO tools, and product management is well-structured. That is why Magento is so popular among online store owners. More than 150,000 businesses are powered by this platform. If you also decided to change your platform from Volusion to Magento, keep on reading to find out the easiest way to do this.

1. Cart2Cart Account

First of all, register a new account. For your convenience, you can also sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

2. Source Cart

At this step, you need to specify your source shopping cart. From the drop-down menu choose Volusion and include URL of your store.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

3. Target Cart

Following the same steps select Magento as your target cart. Use drop-down menu to select it, include your Target Cart URL. This time you need to download and install Connection Bridge. To read more about this procedure, please check the following link.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

4. Entities Selection

At this point, check boxes near entities you want migrate. Select all of them or just several items. Cart2Cart gives additional options for migration you can select, but note most of them are paid.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

5. Data Export

At this step, you have to export your Volusion store data and upload it in appropriate fields. Sign in to your Volusion store admin area. Go to Inventory and choose Import-Export option. Then go to Standard Export tab and in “Export From” the drop-down menu choose data that you want to export. Select all Table Columns by using “Check all” box. Select CSV format in “File Format” table and press Export. So, now just click Download button and save the file in the folder that is easy for you to find.After that, you have to select that file and upload it to the migration wizard.According to the same principle export and upload all the other corresponding data and click Import Data.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

6. Multi-store Configuration

Magento supports multi-store migration, and now you can map multiple stores with a source Volusion store. More details are available here.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

7. Currencies Mapping

If you store supports several currencies you can transfer them with Cart2Cart.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

8.Orders Status Mapping

Now you have a chance to map your Volusion orders statuses with Magento’s.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

9. Demo Migration

Demo Migrate allows you to evaluate the process., so don’t skip this step. Furthermore, this procedure is totally free.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

10. Full Migration

Right after Demo Migration you can check the result and start Full Migration. You can track the process, and when everything is done, you will receive an email to check the result.

How to Migrate from Volusion to Magento

11. Results of Migration

Now you know that migration from Volusion to Magento is simple and quick. Migrate now and feel of the benefits of you brand new store with Cart2Cart.