How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento [Video]

WooCommerce is an e-Commerce plugin for WordPress. It is flexible and user-friendly. However, some store owners claim that WooCommerce has a lack of currencies, languages and shipping methods. Thats why a lot of e-merchants decide to move their online shops to the leader on the e-Commerce market - Magento.

Cart2Cart will help to migrate WooCommerce to Magento without efforts. It is fully automated, so its not required to have high programming skills. All you have to do is to follow step by step instruction and video tutorial.

Step 1. Sign in

To start work with Cart2Cart you have to sign in. It is possible to do that via your existing Google or Facebook account or register a new one.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 2. Provide Source Cart Information

Select WooCommerce from a list. Then paste current online shop’s URL. After that, you have to set up Connection Bridge. To do that you have to:

  • download file with a bridge;
  • unpack it from the archive;
  • paste Connection Bridge to your store root directory.

Watch our video tutorial in order to make the process easier.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 3. Provide Target Cart Information

Repeat the procedure one more time, but with Target Magento Cart.

  • Select Magento from a menu.
  • Enter desirable store’s URL.
  • Perform Connection Bridge installation.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 4. Pick Entities

Now you should select items that have to be migrated to Magento. Put a tick near entity you would like to transfer. Cart2Cart offers a possibility to expand migration opportunities with additional options. Bear in mind these options are for an additional cost.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 5. Multi-store Configuration

Since Magento supports multiple stores migration it is possible to map WooCommerce and Magento stores.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 6. Currencies Mapping

Your WooCommerce store has several currencies? With Cart2Cart, you can transfer them to Magento.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 7. Order Statuses Mapping

Your future store administration will be easier if you map order statuses.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 8. Demo Migration

If you would like to see how Cart2Cart works before Full Migration, perform absolutely free Demo Migration. It will take several minutes. If you still hesitate read our article Demo Migration - What, Why and How?

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

Step 9. Perform Full Migration

If you are satisfied with Demo Migration results, its time to perform Full Migration. On this step, you have an opportunity to check entities one more time. After that, make sure you have enough money for migration. If not, you will be asked to charge an account with more funds. The last thing you have to do is check if you have a discount coupon. Now you can click Start Full Migration.

How to Migrate WooCommerce to Magento

After Full Migration is performed, you can check results. Thats it! We can congratulate you with just established Magento shop.