How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento [Video]

Zen Cart appeared in the e-Commerce world in 2003 and has improved much since then. It has a number of modules and templates make Zen Cart store user-friendly and easy in management. However, a lot of entrepreneurs decide to migrate Zen Cart to Magento, which is a leader among shopping carts. Magento’s flexibility, helpful community, regular updates and numerous extensions can easily expand stores functionality.

Cart2Cart makes data migration fast, accurate and effortless. You don’t need to have technical skills as the process is fully automated. Just watch our video tutorial or follow straightforward step by step instruction.

1. Register an Account

Sign in with your Facebook or Google account or create new Cart2Cart account.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

2. Select Source Cart

Choose Zen Cart as your Source shopping cart. Then you have to paste web store’s URL. After it is done you have to set up Connection Bridge. To perform that you must:

  • download Connection Bridge
  • extract it from zip archive
  • paste bridge to the root directory using FTP client. For better convenience use Total Commander or FileZilla.
In a case, you face some troubles with Connection Bridge installation watch our video tutorial.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

3. Select Target Cart

Now according to the same principle, repeat a procedure with Target Cart. Select Magento from a menu. After that, provide a link to your target Magento store. Then install Connection Bridge in the same way as you did with Source Cart.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

4. Entities Selection

On this step, you should put ticks near items that have to be migrated or click Check All box. it is also possible to select additional options, which will expand migratiom opportunities.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

5. Multi-store Configuration

Since Magento supports multi-store function, you are able to map target and source stores.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

6. Map Currencies

If on current Zen Cart store you used several currencies, Cart2Cart provides a possibility to map them with target store.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

7. Map Order Statuses

In a case, you’ve selected to migrate orders, on this step you are able to map their statuses. It will help in future store management.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

8. Demo Migration

Now its time to see how everything works and perform Demo Migration. We would appreciate if you rate demo migration results.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

9. Full Migration

After Demo Migration is successfully finished you have to make sure you:

  • have enough money on an account;
  • check if you have a discount coupon code;
  • double-check entities, which have to be transferred;
Now you can press Start Full Migration button.

How to Migrate Zen Cart to Magento

After Cart2Cart finishes Zen Cart to Magento migration, you will receive an email notification. Thats it! We can congratulate you with just established Magento store.