How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

osCommerce used to be one of the most widely used cart among e-merchants. Shopping cart won the favor because of its effortless administrative process, numerous modules and high security. Nonetheless, time goes by new technologies are developing while osCommerce stays at the same stage. Thats why e-merchants decide to move their osCommerce stores to Magento, which provides better business opportunities.

Are you one of those store owners who wants to perform osCommerce to Magento migration? If the answer is yes, it is normal that in your mind appears question “How to move all my products, customers and orders without efforts?” In a few minutes, you will get acquainted with straightforward steps on how to transfer all data with Cart2Cart.

1. Create Cart2Cart Account

You can sign in with your Google or Facebook account or register a new one.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

2. Choose Your Source Cart

Setup your current platform from a menu. Next you have to enter web site’s URL. After that, you will need to download Connection Bridge on your computer. Extract file from the archive and drag it to root directory using FTP client. It is possible to perform that with the help of Total Commander or FileZilla. For better convenience, you can look through FAQ with video tutorials on Connection Bridges installation.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

3. Choose Your Target Cart

On this stage, you have to select Magento as your desirable cart. Then provide a link to your target store. After that download Connection Bridge in the same way as you did on the step 2.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

4. Entities Selection

Here, you will be able to pick store entities, which have to be moved. Just select items which you would like to transfer by putting a tick or click Check all. There will be a possibility additional options, which can expand your store’s functionality. Take into consideration that it will cost you an extra price.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

5. Language Mapping

In a case your shop has more than one language, you will have a possibility to transfer them as well.

6. Currencies Mapping

If you use several currencies, migrate them to your target store.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

7. Orders Status Mapping

Map your osCommerce orders statuses with Magento’s. It will make your store administration easier.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

8. Start Demo Migration

Now you are ready to start totally free Demo Migration. We emphasize importance of performing demo transferring as you will have a possibility to evaluate the process. It will take you only a few minutes. If you would like to get more information about it, read our article.

After it is completed you can check all migrated entities. It is very important for us to know your feedback so we would be grateful if you rate an outcome.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

9. Full Migration

If you are satisfied with Demo Migration results, click Start Full Migration button. During transferring, you will be able to watch the progress of entities shifting. When migration process reaches 100% point, you will receive an email notification.

How to Migrate osCommerce to Magento [Video]

10. Check results of Migration

After migration is completed all your orders, customers and products will be on a target Magento store. Thats it! You are an owner of Magento store.