How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

OpenCart is well known free open source shopping cart. It offers numerous benefits to its customers and thats why became so popular. However, more and more people decide to move their OpenCart store to Magento. All because Magento’s flexibility, helpful community, regular updates and numerous features. How to migrate effortlessly? This article will show you the easiest way of moving all your data from OpenCart to Magento.

Cart2Cart presents useful video tutorial and straightforward step-by-step instruction on how to perform your OpenCart migration fast and accurate.

Stage 1. Register an Account

You will have a possibility to sign in with your Facebook or Google account or register a new Cart2Cart profile.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 2. Select Source Cart

Select your present OpenCart cart from a drop-down menu. After that enter your online shop’s URL. The next thing you will have to do is download connection bridge on your computer. Extract file from zip archive and move it to root directory with the help of FTP client (Total Commander, FileZilla, etc.) To make bridge setup process easier read our FAQ with video tutorial.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 3. Select Target Cart

Repeat the same procedure with your target platform:

  • select Magento as your target shopping cart;
  • paste shop URL;
  • install Connection Bridge.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 4. Entities Selection

On this step you will be able to choose items which you would like to transfer. Just mark items that have to be migrated or click Check All box. Furthermore, you can expand migration opportunities by choosing additional options.

Note: For OpenCart to Magento migration it is possible to move product and product categories SEO URLs.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 5. Currencies Mapping

If there is a need you can map currencies as well.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 6. Orders Status Mapping

If you’ve chosen order migration on Step 4, now you will be able to map their statuses. Proper order matching will help you in future store managing.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 7. Perform Demo Migration

After that you are able to start absolutely free Demo Migration. It is highly recommended not to skip this step, as you will be able to evaluate the process of data transferring. It is going to take only a few minutes. You can find more information about Demo Migration in the article Demo Migration - What, How and Why?

After it is finished you can check a list of migrated orders, customers and products. Your feedback is very important for our team that is why we would highly appreciate if you evaluate Demo Migration results.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 8.Start Full Migration

After Demo migration is completed you can start the last step - Full Migration. Ensure you have enough cash on your account, otherwise you will be asked to charge it with more money. Check the information you’ve provided and start Full Migration.

How to Migrate OpenCart to Magento [Video]

Stage 9. Check Full Migration Results

After migration is performed all your customers products and orders will be displayed on target Magento store. We can congratulate you with newly established online shop.