How to Migrate Interspire to BigCommerce [Video]

Interspire used to be a very popular shopping cart several years ago. This platform included different feature, which gave wide opportunities for online stores. Now Interspire is not supported anymore . That is why users seek for a solution to migrate to BigCommerce is one of the best alternatives. Furthermore, this shopping cart is a hosted version of Interspire, and it provides even higher level of service. Decided to migrate from Interspire to BigCommerce? Read a step-by-step instruction and perform data transfer easily, securely and quickly with Cart2Cart.

Step 1. Register an Account

To work with Cart2Cart you need to register an account. As an alternative, you may use your Facebook or Google accounts to sign in.

How to Migrate Interspire to BigCommerce

Step 2. Choose Source Cart

Now, from the menu select Interspire as your Source Cart. After that, include the URL of your store. The next step is to install Connection Bridge:

  • Download an archive with a bridge;
  • Unpack files;
  • Copy files to the root directory of your store.
For more details about Connection Bridge installation, please check this link. How to Migrate Interspire to BigCommerce

Step 3. Choose Target Cart

At this point, from the drop-down menu select BigCommerce and provide store’s URL. Now, you need to enter API Path and API Token of your BigCommerce.

  • Login to the admin panel;
  • Click Users;
  • Edit the user;
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check the box next to Yes, allow this user to use the API;
  • Here are your API Path and API Token.
How to Migrate from Magento to BigCommerce

Step 4. Select Entities

Cart2Cart allows to choose what entities you would like to migrate. So at this step you select products, products categories, manufacturers or all together. You may also choose additional options, but notice, that some of them are need to be paid.

How to Migrate from Magento to BigCommerce

Step 5. Map Currencies

Here, you will have an opportunity to map currencies on your stores. How to Migrate from Magento to BigCommerce

Step 6. Perform Demo Migration

Now you have a chance to try how Cart2Cart works. Demo Migration allows you to transfer a limited number of entities and clearly shows outcome. Moreover, this action is provided for free.

How to Migrate from Magento to BigCommerce

Step 7. Perform Full Migration

This is the final step before you’ll get your brand new BigCommerce store. You can check again entities and use a discount coupon code if you have it. Then click Start Full Migration button. The process will start and will take some time. At this point, you can close the browser window. You will receive an email notification after migration is done.

How to Migrate from Magento to BigCommerce

With Cart2Cart you don’t need programming skills or to install additional software. Now, you know that the process of migration from Interspire to BigCommerce is smooth and simple.