Meet a Newcomer! CS-Cart 4 Review

CS-Cart is powerful open source shopping cart, that was launched in 2004 by Simbirsk Technologies Ltd. Currently it is used by more than 30 000 online stores. Modern architecture of a platform offers advanced customization opportunities, intuitive interface and rich functionality. Every new CS-Cart version goes with numerous improvements and fresh features, which make store administration easier and more effective. Lately, a new 4.0.1 version with Ultimate and Multi-Vendor editions has been released. It is faster, easier to customize and more powerful than any previous version. Let’s take a deeper insight in order to understand how e-merchants can benefit from a new release.

Meet a Newcomer! CS-Cart 4 Review

New Installer

CS-Cart Team made an installation process easier. Now it consists of only two steps, one of which is accepting the license agreement. Right after you’ve installed CS-Cart there will be a possibility to set up some general preferences using a convenient step by step post-installation Settings Wizard. Store owners will have an opportunity to enable secure connection at checkout, in the admin panel, rename the default admin.php script and setup other settings.

Real Time Theme Editor

Meet a Newcomer! CS-Cart 4 Review

Revolutionary new design opportunities are represented by built in theme editor. Now store owners can easily change colors, backgrounds, fonts and logos in real time. Main advantage is that it is really a straightforward process. There is no need to be a HTML or CSS coder in order to alter webshop look. Simply make changes and preview result directly on your storefront. Moreover, you will be able to change block placement with drag & drop. You can name and save layouts for the future. Use your imagination and make ideas real with the help of user friendly WYSIWYG editor.


CS-Cart goes in three editions Ultimate, Ultimate (free) and Multi-Vendor. Let’s take a closer look in order to determine main distinctive features.

    Meet a Newcomer! CS-Cart 4 Review
  1. Multi-Vendor. This edition provides a possibility to create an online marketplace where different vendors can sell their own products through a single storefront. Moreover, vendors will have separate admin panel and be able to use different shipping methods.
  2. Ultimate. With this edition store owners will be able to manage several different shops from one admin panel. Single database offers an opportunity to share any product between several shops. At the same time every web store is independent with its own design, domain and set of parameters.
  3. Ultimate (free). Entrepreneurs will be able to add unlimited number of products and categories, set up multiple storefronts, sell downloadable products. From the other side free edition provides a possibility to set up 3 product filters while on two previous editions it is unlimited. Number of built in add-ons is only 12 and there will be no possibility to set up multiple languages, currencies and product suppliers.

Improved Admin Panel Look

Store managing process became easier with a new admin panel design. It became more intuitive and user friendly.

  • Menus were rearranged for easier site navigation.
  • Sidebar was enriched with search opportunity and additional functionality.
  • Now e-merchants can create and edit orders on one page.
  • Numerous of minor changes and improvements.

Meet a Newcomer! CS-Cart 4 Review


According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, “40 percent of consumers will wait no more than 3 seconds for a web page to render before abandoning the site.” That’s why store speed is incredibly important. Comparing with older versions, CS-Cart 4 is considerably faster. Performance was boosted by optimizing the storefront block management routine.

After looking through this CS-Cart 4 review it’s clear that CS-Cart is now fully optimized for one-man online store business. Shop management process starting from cart installation and design modification up to stock handling and customization can be handled by a single merchant. As a result, the platform that was perfectly optimized for medium sized business will now be one of the best options for small and very small businesses as well. Especially, when you take into consideration that CS-Cart is now again available in free edition.

If you are already an owner of CS-Cart store of an older version or would like to move from your current platform, don’t hesitate and perform an easy migration with Cart2Cart.