How to migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce [Video]

PrestaShop is feature rich and ready to go shopping cart. All the basic functions are already there, but such important extensions as social media, mCommerce are available only for additional costs. This is the main reason why a lot of store owners decide to migrate to osCommerce. It is really easy to manage osCommerce store even without high programming skills. Moreover, there are numerous currencies, languages, shipping and payment gateways.

Cart2Cart provides a great opportunity to move all products, customers and orders from PrestaShop to osCommerce automatically. It means you don’t require technical skills and software to download. Just watch video tutorial and follow a straightforward instruction.

1. Create Account

You are able to log in with your Google or Facebook account or register a new Cart2Cart account.

How to migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

2. Select Source Cart

Choose PrestaShop as your Source Cart from a menu. Then enter current Prestashop store’s URL. After that, you have to set up Connection Bridge on your computer. To perform that you have to download bridge, extract it from zip archive and paste to the root directory. For more detailed information look through our FAQ.

How to migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

3. Select Target Cart

Now you have to repeat the same procedure with your target osCommerce cart.

  • Select Target Cart.
  • Enter osCommerce shop’s URL.
  • Install Connection Bridge

How to migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

4. Entities Selection

At this point, you are able to put a tick near entities, which have to be moved to osCommerce. You can also press Check All box. Moreover, on this step you will have a possibility to order additional options to expand migration opportunities.

How to migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

5. Currencies Mapping

Cart2Cart provides a possibility to map currencies, as well.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

6. Orders Status Mapping

In a case, you have chosen to move orders, at this point you get a possibility to map orders statuses.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

7. Demo Migration

Cart2Cart provides an opportunity to evaluate the process while totally free Demo Migration. Thats why we advise you not to skip this step.We really need your feedback and would appreciate if you rate Demo Migration results.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

8. Full Migration

After Demo Migration is successfully finished, you can proceed to the next step. Before starting Full Migration, check if you have a discount coupon code, double check entities and make sure you have enough funds on account. Now you are ready to start. After migration is completed, you will receive an email notification.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to osCommerce

Thats it! Now you can check migration results on osCommerce shop and start working with newly established online store.