Palunda import

Ready for Cart2Cart news worth celebrating? We cannot wait to share it with you! From this point on our service supports Palundu import. Are you ready for a jolt? Go in the new season with new powers. Cart2Cart won’t stop to perform a continuous enhancement of functionality and offers more possibilities. Since customers’ taste is becoming more and more expecting and demands are mounting at incredible speed, and we have to set high goals and nail every one. If you’re interested in Palundu import, or you’re not satisfied with your current platform, and looking for a new solution, keep reading and find your one-stop solution.

Run a Free Demo Migration to Palundu

Palundu’s instantly clear and simple motto describes its philosophy in the best way: it’s a real mother lode for designers and creative minds, who’d like to introduce the handmade products to the world for reasonable prices easily and swiftly. Showcase your designer pieces, integrate modern ideas, win new customers for eStore and share with other members. For this platform only your success makes sense, there are no fees and no sales commission, choose a Palundu Premium Membership to sell your products. Besides, you can use all Palundu features free of charge, exchange with other members, participate in groups and events or create your workbook. Of course, many more peculiarities are waiting for you to be discovered and used. You'll be surprised what Palundu has to offer. In case you have any questions about this marketplace’s customer service is always available, so you have a friendly contact person at your side if you need help. Their support managers are there for you all the time and will be happy to answer clients’ questions and address concerns. But words are empty, as you can try it for yourself, create Cart2Cart account, perform Palundu Import, check the results, launch Full Migration,  and become a part of the big handmade products community. Why Cart2Cart? We prefer why not! Use the best automated migration service ever and fill the difference! No frustration, no bugs, no errors, no delay, with the help of our experts your brand new store will shine bright like a diamond. Turning to our tool, you’ll take a lot of advantages:

  1. Responsive, polite and knowledgeable support service that will respond all your migration-related questions clearly, accurately and conclusively;
  2. Flexible pricing policy: the cost of each transfer depends entirely on the number of entities you’re going to migrate and the minimal price to expect starts from $69;
  3. Free Demo Available. Our customers may check out the result and quality of the service beforehand. You don’t have to pay for a cat in the bag;
  4. Optional Migration Insurance that allows restarting data move cheaply within a specified period in case you decide to make some changes;
  5. Guaranteed General Data Protection Regulation for extremely reliable and secure transfer of the private clients’ information;
  6. 100% of an actual store uptime not to damage your sales and your buyers won’t recognise that something unusual is going on right now.

Palundu Import: What Entities Can You Migrate?

Do you appreciate your existing store so much and don’t want to lose anything when migrating? We think so, and the service supports the most extensive list of transferable entities and additional options that allow enhancing migration experience even more. During Palundu Import you can switch:

  • Products (name, model, SKU, category);
  • Options;
  • Variants;
  • Attributes;
  • Images (main, additional);
  • Default, tier, group and special price;
  • Meta title;
  • Meta description;
  • Meta keyword;
  • Status (enable/disable);
  • Created and modified date.

Additional options let you:

  • Create product variants based on the combinations of attribute values;
  • Strip HTML from the category, product names, and descriptions;
  • Migrate images in products description, categories description, and blog post description;
  • Skip product thumbnail images migration;
  • Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store.

Closing Words

Cart2Cart is excited to announce - Palundu import is no longer a problem for online retailers, store owners and developers all around the world. This free solution will benefit eCommerce business of every kind, size, or type and open new horizons for your online shop. Start Free Demo Migration, make sure that the result worths the hassle, wait for a while and gain new powers for work! Keep in touch!