Magento Timeline by Guido Jansen: Past Achievement and Future Plans
Exciting news about Magento! We would like to share with you a great material about the history, present and future plans of this shopping cart!

And who can tell more about the history and future of Magento than Guido Jansen? For years this Magento-guru has been using his huge experience in Magento e-commerce to help people squeeze as much profit as they can from their online stores.

Guido Jansen put a perfect timeline on his page and clearly showed the whole process of transformation and main points of Magento history. Find the main steps of Magento development on timeline.

Magento is a powerful and widely-spread eCommerce platform that has a great and extremely intriguing history of development. It was launched on March 31, 2008 as a beta-version and just after a few years reached more than 100.000 online stores on it’s platform. Third-part developers have created more than 2000 extensions, and it’s community now counts about 375,000 members. A big variety of features, perfect customer support and opportunity to customize it by yourself have made this shopping cart so popular among online store owners. Every single day Magento team makes platform more powerful, and fills lives of it’s users with many outstanding events.