Make a Good Start after ProStores Discontinue

Hurray, welcome Gambio in Cart2Cart family! It is already the 60th platform that has been added to the list of supported shopping carts. Now e-merchants can migrate from Gambio to other leading solutions at ease.

Gambio is a flexible e-Commerce solution that powers more than 18 000 online stores. It is in constant development since 2004 and is based on xt:Commerce 3. The solution is very popular in Germany and has over 200 different features, among which the most important are:

  1. Automated invoicing. Gambio allows to create invoices directly in the online store, and they can be in PDF-format. So, entrepreneurs can send them to the customers per e-mail.
  2. Unlimited number of categories and subcategories. Additionally, shop owners can assign unique icon or symbol to each category and subcategory. This function simplifies website navigation for visitors.
  3. Cross-selling. You can decide by yourself how many products to put on one page. However, customers will get the suggests to related products. So, your clients can purchase more in your e-store.
  4. Support. Customers can get the assistance via phone and e-mail or find an answer on the forum page or in instructions.
  5. Easy customization. You can create an eye-catching design without programming skills. From admin panel it is possible to adapt the colors and fonts, add your logos and background pictures. Thus, there is a chance to set up a new unique store in a short period of time.

Hence, Gambio has really good features for small businesses. However, if you plan to expand your trade and get more customers, consider other leading e-Commerce platforms supported by Cart2Cart. You can switch from Gambio to a new solution in a few mouse clicks and without additional software download.

For your better convenience, you can try Demo Migration for free. It allows to check the service functionality moving up to 10 entities to a new store in less than 30 minutes.

Already have in mind a new desirable store, that can bring more profit? Don’t waste your time and sign up right away!