Tidings of great joy! It’s time of MagneticOne first break - the final release of Data2CRM, automated migration service. So, now you may enjoy even more straightforward and improved switch between CRM platforms with polished and smarten Data2CRM!

Data2CRM Official Release: Breakthrough Features Have Come

Let’s look back through our timeline! Since our first day of beta release, modern Data2CRM counts the following leap-ahead features:

  • Migration of various CRM platforms. Today, there are 8 platforms in the list of supported CRMs. Moreover, adding new customer relationship management platforms becomes a good tradition of Data2CRM team.
  • Significantly Reduced Time of CRM data switch. Migration from one CRM to another is even faster and precise with the updated and improved API request sending speed. All in all migration takes from a few minutes to several hours depending on the amount of your records.
  • Accurate Relations Migration. With the official release, Data2CRM supports the migration of CRM data relations.
  • Migration to the test CRM. If you haven’t installed your new CRM yet, you might try service migrating your CRM data to the test platform whether it’s Vtiger, SugarCRM, or SuiteCRM. Testing new CRM and migration process evaluation becoa matter of a few clicks.

Seems that’s it with the migration improvements! Here’s another portion of soul indulging news - migrate your CRM data with 50% OFF. So, don't wait up, it’s high time for changes! Grab your lucky strike – the migration special expires on October, 29.