Birthday Gifts from Cart2CartCart2Cart is 5! And on the bright day of our anniversary we would like to share the happiness and cheer you up with special gifts. Therefore, Cart2Cart gives a possibility to get two amazing bonuses: a discount for Data Migration Service Package and a chance to win a totally free automated migration. That’s how we love you!Time goes by and every year brings us something new and unusual. Cart2Cart has already travelled a 5-year path and is willing to thank its great customers for motivation and inspiration. Thus, of course, we have prepared a fascinating surprise making you join our celebrations. Are you wondering what birthday gifts are waiting for you?Thinking of our busy vendors we have decided to provide Data Migration Service Packages at a discount saving not only your valuable time, but also money. So, June is the time when you can use a possibility to get such off:
  • Basic Data Migration Service Package with $50 discount;
  • Extended Data Migration Service Package with $100 discount.
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