Meet a Newcomer - modified eCommerce Shopsoftware

Good news everyone! Since now Cart2Cart supports automated data migration to and from modified eCommerce Shopsoftware.

Modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is free open source platform published under the last GPL version. Shopping cart can be used for managing small shops as well as large scale online stores. e-Commerce solution deserves store owners recognition because of easy administrative process, implemented SEO tools and rich customisation opportunities. Moreover, modified eCommerce Shopsoftware can boast:

  • Well established codebase. Shopping cart started its development in 2009. Since then a code has been improving and now merchants can benefit from a straightforward installation process and bug-free code base.
  • Community. Shopping cart is constantly improving thanks to the active community of developers and users.
  • Demo stores. The platform allows to test the shop in various versions, so that merchants will be able to evaluate all pros and cons before launching a new store.

You can benefit from all these new opportunities right after effortless migration. Cart2Cart offers a possibility to transfer all your store data to/from modified eCommerce Shopsoftware quickly and accurately. Try absolutely free Demo migration and check up easy migration opportunities with Cart2Cart!