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osCMax - Supported Soon

Last updated on November 20, 2009
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Another cart about to be added to the supported shopping carts list is osCmax. osCMax is a powerful upgrade to the standard osCommerce shopping cart, including new and exciting features as well as offering a thriving community for development.

Among the advantages offered by osCMax: unlimited products and categories, secure/stable code base, Web based admin panel, and supports PayPal and AuthorizeNet. Best thing about it - it's free!

Following shopping cart migration features are planned for initial release:

1. Customer information migration
2. Order information migration
3. Product information migration (including product options)
4. Categories migrattion
5. Manufacturers migration

If you consider osCMax the best solution for your business soon you will be able to migrate all your data to this e-commerce platform automatically with Cart2Cart!

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