Get $100 credit to try automated database migration between 80+ shopping carts

Cart2Cart is an affordable SaaS solution that transfers online store data like products, customers,
orders, etc. between most known ecommerce platforms in hours - literally.


How Cart2Cart Helps Ecommerce Professionals Deal with Migration Challenges?

Design, configuration, customization - these store migration areas involve lots of work.
Cart2Cart automates database migration to let you handle other tasks timely and effectively

Speed up migration projects

All store data can be migrated in up to 24 hour

Cut down on staff hours

No need to involve developers or create custom code

Boost efficiency

Focus on tasks that require your attention, while Cart2Cart handles data migration

Automate migration extras

Preserve SEO juice, handle redirects, etc in a few mouse clicks

Avoid risk for the migrated store

The source store isn’t affected by migration. At all.

What Makes Cart2Cart World’s #1 Shopping Cart Migration Tool


shopping carts supported


assistance - phone, chat, email


years on the market


migrations performed

How Ecommerce Pros Can Leverage Automated Migration with Cart2Cart?

If you provide ecommerce services, join Cart2Cart partner program to scale your business and make it more profitable

Handle more tasks without overtimes

Save lots of staff hours previously spent on data import

Extend your services range

Offer migration services for more platforms and let Cart2Cart do the heavy lifting

Beat the competition

Complete migration projects before the deadline

Get up to 50% off each migration

The more migrations - the less they cost

Use Cart2Cart as a white label solution

An invisible tool that handles store data transfer, while you get all the credit

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What Our Customers Say

  • Dave Di Pietra
    Online store owner

    I am 100% satisfied with Cart2Cart. I compared over ten different services and chose Cart2Cart because it offers professional help combined with competitive pricing. These days, as many companies grow, customer service becomes worse. I had a minor issue with the migration and much to my surprise it was dealt with in less than 3 hours of sending an email. That is just about unheard of in this day and age! Cart2Cart exceeded my expectations!

  • Carolina Fonseca
    Online store owner

    Everything is very fast and easy for someone like me who doesn't understand too much about computers... lol... I was even thinking to hire a developer to do the work but it was no necessary at all. The Cart2Cart support answered all my questions. No difficulties at all! I am really satisfied with the results.

  • Jean Edwards
    Online book store owner

    Cart2Cart offers superb service - you can just relax while they do all the migration work for you. If you have any queries or questions, then their Support Team is second-to-none: they are truly the best! Friendly, informative LIVE HELP on their site, makes Cart2Cart the only option for store migration for me!

  • Marty Arieli
    Sales Manager

    I know Cart2Cart from the earliest day you guys started when there was no cart migration and seemed like the stone ages. Cart2Cart set the highest standard in the eCommerce platform exchange industry as a Leader now and we haven't done single migration without using your services! Thank you for all your unsurpassed support!

  • Andre Markus
    Web developer, Store owner

    The Cart2Cart was under TOP3 and had an convincing website with a calculation tool and good references. It was an easy decision to choose your service to migrate our shop database. 🙂 An easy API-installation and step-by-step assistant during the migration progress - all that is very good. Also, I was surprised with your support, they helped me with the little thumbnail problem in PrestaShop's backend after migration. That was a very fast response that really helped!!!

  • Shirley Hodges
    Online store owner

    Oh my goodness, yes I recommend Cart2Cart!!! My developer/designer for my new stores has also added Cart2Cart to her "bag of tricks". She's got first-hand experience now with what a great resource Cart2Cart is for getting data transferred efficiently and accurately! Kudos to the entire Cart2Cart Team!!!