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Cart2Cart  I used the Cart2Cart migration service when I switched from CS-Cart to Magento. I had almost 2000 products, many of them having many different attributes (e.g. sizes, colors, models, etc.). I didn't want to create the ... Cart2Cart
Pete Legrand

Why and How to Migrate from Zen Cart to Magento [Infographic]

Why and How to Migrate from Zen Cart to Magento [Infographic]

Which shopping cart to choose? At first glance, it seems to be a simple question. But it is rather difficult not to get confused among a wide range of features and choose platform, which will fully satisfy your needs. However, Zen Cart is one of the most wide used shopping carts and offers easy administrative process, rich features and large a number of addons. Nonetheless, market offers shopping carts that can provide your store with equivalent or even better opportunities. Magento is one of them.

In contrast to Zen Cart, Magento offers product comparisons, shipping to multiple addresses in one order, possibility to set up multiple stores. Advanced core functionality is one of the main reasons why store owners decide to move to Magento. Infographic illustrates main differences between two platforms and shows step by step instruction on how to migrate from Zen Cart to Magento effortlessly.

Now you know the latest e-Commerce trends and understand how to migrate all products, customers and orders from Zen Cart to Magento with Cart2Cart.

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Cart2Cart  If you're time is worth any more than $5/hr. this is a bargain. I was amazed how quickly and easily things went. Clearly these guys are pros. Scott See Lucky Tiger ProductsCart2Cart
Date Written: 07 December 2011
Scott See
Cart2Cart  The migration was easy to set up and get running. Excellent service and support.Cart2Cart
Date Written: 30 March 2012
Roberto Tevar


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